Sunday, July 26, 2009

Merbok River Cruise to Pulau Bidan & Pulau Telor

The trip along Merbok River out to the coast of Tanjung Dawai takes approximately 40 minutes in regular speed. From Tanjung Dawai to Pulau Bidan takes around 20 minutes and to Pulau Telor takes another 10 minutes. Around Pulau Telor is a nice place for fishing and there is an artificial reef minutes away that is suitable for fishing.

The white sandy beach that is not damaged by human touch is waiting for you to enjoy....picnic or tenting, it is for you to choose.

*Pictures here are from Pulau Telor and Pulau Bidan


Desert Rose said...

Uih lawa gak sungai merbok ni no.

Forest 2 Sea Adventures said...

cik desert rose,

ni gmbr dari pulau teloq dan juga pulau bidan ya...haha..takkan air sungai dgn laut pun x dpt beza weh

Anonymous said...

They sure doesn't look like white sandy beaches to me. More like brown beaches. The pics don't lie do they?